Psalm 47

Read: Psalm 47:1; Isaiah 55:12

Psalm 47:1 encourages us to worship with enthusiasm and joy.

Think About It: What do I find most exciting about worship? Are there things about worship that bore me or leave me cold? What could I do to enter more enthusiastically into the experience of worship?

Prayer:  That my worship might grow ever more enthusiastic and God-honoring.

Read: Psalm 47:5; 1 John 5:11 – 13

Traditional Christian liturgy has used this psalm to celebrate the ascension of Jesus into heaven. The ascension is final proof that Jesus’ work on the cross for us is acceptable to God– God receives Him who bore our sin, and seats Him at His right hand.

Think About It: There is no doubt that the penalty for my sin is fully paid. How do I feel about being completely forgiven, 100% assured of acceptance before God?

Prayer: Thank God for forgiveness of my sins through Jesus Christ.


Read: Psalm 47:1-2; Deuteronomy 7:21; Matthew 28:18

This psalm instructs us how to praise God: joyfully and enthusiastically. The psalm then gives three reasons for praising Him. The first is for his Kingly reign over all things.

Think About It: Do I recognize God as King over everything in my life? Is there anything that I need to consciously bring under His dominion?

Prayer: Thank God for being King over all the earth, and over all my life.


Read: Psalm 47:5; Ephesians 4:8 – 10; Hebrews 4:14 – 16

A second reason to praise God given in this psalm is the Lord’s Ascension. Originally referring to the taking of the ark up into the Temple, we now refer to Christ’s ascension into heaven. Besides assuring us of our forgiveness and acceptance by God, Christ’s ascension means He is present in heaven as our perfect mediator.

Think About It: Read Hebrews 9:24.  Am I taking full advantage of my Christian privilege of having a Friend in High Places?

Prayer: Thank You Jesus, for being my Friend and for pleading my cause.


Read: Psalm 47: 3; Psalm 2:8; Psalm 18:39, 47

A third reason to praise God given in this psalm is the Lord’s care for His people. Three kinds of care are mentioned. The first is in verse 3: He subdues the nations under us.

Think About It: Translate this care from a national (people of Israel) level to a personal level. What forces are ranged against my spiritual life? How is God working to subdue them?

Prayer:  For God’s help and deliverance from spiritual threats.


Read: Psalm 47:4; Ephesians 1

A second way that God shows care for His people is in choosing their inheritance. He has made us rich in Christ.

Think About It: Read Ephesians 1 for one inventory of my incredible heritage. Make a list of the privileges  that God has given me in Christ.

Prayer: Thank God for my spiritual inheritance.


Read: Psalm 47:9; Genesis 15:1; Isaiah 41:10

A third way God shows care for His people is through protecting them. Shields are designed for protection. Everything on earth designed for your protection belongs to God!

Think About It: How has God protected me using His shields?

Prayer: Thank God for the specific protection He has provided.